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Be aware!

Wire fraud is on the rise. Please let us know immediately if you plan to wire funds for your closing.
Due to increased fraud, buyers, sellers and lenders should confirm wiring instructions by calling our office at 504.485.0200 before transferring any funds.
Any e-mails sent from Audubon Title will always come from a “” e-mail address. Our office only sends wiring instructions via an e-mailed link to our secure closing portal that is powered by ClosingSite. 

For your protection, please note that Audubon Title will never change our wiring instructions. If you receive a phone call or email stating a change to wiring instructions, please notify our office immediately at 504.485.0200. In addition, Audubon Title will never require you to wire funds more than one day in advance of your closing.
Do not use our wiring instructions to make an ACH deposit.
Many wire fraud schemes involve the hacking of your e-mail to subsequently send false instructions to escrow.  Therefore, we will contact you, using previously known contact information, to verify any wire transfer instructions we receive electronically.

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